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In desperate need of a miracle from God

boohc1296 started this conversation

Dear God, I am pleading for you to please give me the strength to handle what has been directed right at me. I am trying my hardest not to lose my mind due to I did everything I could to try and prevent my worst nightmare that has come true. I have myself been a child of mental, physical, and raped from a very young age until I was 17yrs old like it was a normal thing by multiple family members two that were my brothers. I was told after I turned 28 yrs old that it was inherited carried down for many generations and I found out this was true. A curse that's passed down that I tried to stop and no matter what I did nothing stopped this. 8 years ago my children a daughter 14yrs old & son 15 yrs old now were taken from me all because I got remarried to a better man than their own father. The Ex-grandma didn't want to have to support her own son because she thought we would take him to court and ask for more child support by which he hadn't ever paid previous. Two days after my wedding day I was served papers to go to court for him to get custody of just my son by which the Dallas County Social Worker who did a social studies on my family said that the boy should be removed from the fathers care and put back in the mothers care immediately. Not even two yrs later my ex finally did what she told me she would back in Nov 2000 when my current spouse proposed to me if I married him she would do what ever it took to take my children from me. I think this is a sick and twisted thing to do to a person. It did mess my life up due to her lying to CPS by which their Attorney not only knew the Judge but also was really good friends with the CPS Worker & the Detective who were involved in this plot of lies. Why would these 6 people be so cruel to do this to me I will never know cause my ex-mother-in-law works for the City of Dallas Ticket Dept. I have never stop trying to get my two kids back now 8 yrs later and only seen them 6 times in the 8 yrs. I became disabled mentally due to them doing this cause on Dec. 3, 2004 my ex-husband stood in front of the judge and said he was investigated for sexual assault to a child including his own and his now ex-wife had lost her rights. The judge gave my two kids to him with me to have supervised visits for as long as I could afford which I can't afford anything because mine & my husbands life have been ruined he went to jail & was given 6 months deferred probation after we fought it for the first 2 1/2 years. No one would help me at all on top of we have been evicted wrongly from our home 4 times the 1st three because of my ex-mother-in-law calling & making up lies. My kids old School Counselor Carrollton ISD can vouch that my ex-mother-in-law tried to get her to call CPS on 10-25-04 & she refused. The next day 10-26-04 my ex-mother-in-law called and said she was me & that I was calling to report spousal & child abuse which all was a lie cause I was asleep and was told by the Supervisor who was fired for telling me I gave my children up freely which was a lie. The CPS worker working my case took them & gave them 2 my ex-mother-in-law which she gave them directly 2 her son. Because of this they took my kids away were I had no contact for 2 yrs & told my kids I abandoned them but on 1-2-05 the last time I spoke to my daughter which was her birthday she told me right before the phone was hung up their not allowed to talk to me again. On 1-8-05 I committed suicide cause I didn't understand what I have ever done but live my life to do unto others as you want them to do unto to you. Give me & my kids a better life than what I did growing up so that I wouldn't become mentally ill just like my mother but nothing mattered I did and now my two kids which I haven't hardly talked to or seen much of because of lies & betrayal in our system have had a baby together for which I just found out 5 days ago and don't know how to deal cause I tried to tell everyone 8 years ago this was a possibility of happening since the father said that he was investigated on top of it runs in both our genes my 14 yr old @ the time 13 yr old which I believe was Dec 18 and my son is being charged with incest or rape but I don't believe he is the father I believe its their Father and he's taking the fall since he's a minor thinking they would get away with it. Their father won't give his DNA. Also my kids were told they aren't biological which isn't possible cause I never cheated but then again my ex-husband did drug me cause that's the only way he could have sex with me. I found out he was cheating right after we were married so I wouldn't have sex with him.  How could anyone not to expect to lose your mind when I have been abused not only by my family but also by the system and the only thing I want is my life back for JUSTICE TO PREVAIL. I want to make it in this world cause that's all I have ever wanted since I was a little girl not the material things this world got lost with money. I just want to make it and now that CPS took mine & my current husbands life away on top of the most important my two kids who didn't deserve any of this. I believe that the good people suffer in this world then the evil ones who hurt & destroy innocent peoples lives. My current spouse didn't do anything but has a record even though they knew he was innocent. All I am asking for is some one anyone to help me I need to find a place to move to quick cause I don't live in a good place to bring my kids to. I am not proud of what I have become but have asked for help from the get go 8 yrs ago & because no one helped me I did give up and started doing drugs but don't want to be on them if someone can give me & my husband a chance we will get off drugs but to do this we need a chance which means a place to call home because of the 4 wrong evictions we can't find a home which will have to be close to the Carrollton area cause we don't have our own vehichle my husband part time job delivering Piano's boss loaned us a vehichle as long as he lives close due to liability for company insurance. A lawyer who will take this case probono or let me pay when I win suing the city of Dallas if this is possible due to the judges decision to hand them over to their father after he stood in front of her and said he was investigated for sexual assault to a child also the CPS Case Worker & Detective In Carrollton, & their Attorney. I also want both kids and have their counceling paid for the rest of their lives and also mine & my current spouse. & for the baby that I want custody for. I tried to prevent this but no one believed me so now that it has come true 8 yrs later please will some one help my family in any way possible even if you can pray for all of us especially me cause this is really very difficult for me but am doing the best I can. On top of me having cervical cancer.  I wasn't ever told anything about what went on with my kids this journey I am not dealing with very we'll why after I did try to do everything right until they took my life which were my two kids away from me that's when I started doing the drugs and that's not the life I wanted because I grew up around them my whole life but what would any one of you have done if you tried everything and no one would help you  its by no means a excuse cause I am not dealing at all with the way my life has turned out but I am still trying and asking for help to save my family always have  pleaded for help. I am on my last little bit of hope cause how would anyone still have hope if they went through all that I have my whole life and then this please help me & my family to get our lives or I am not going to make it please. My son is being charged and has to go to court some time this next week please help my family. I do apoligize if this is all to much for anyone of you to read. Or repeated I really am trying my best not to lose my mind so please anyone if you can help it would be saving alot of lives really. 

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Honey, I don't know what I could do to help you because I am a retired, disabled widow but I read your story disrespect sounds like a perfect episode for the Jerry Springer Show. I have lived in TX and I know that there are a huge number of churches there that will help you with whatever you need in any area of your life. Please go seek help from your nearest Pastor. Also, if you were using drugs, I recommend getting yourself into a 12 step program immediately. It's even better than counceling because there are people who have been in similar situations (believe it or not, you are not alone) and people who will help you with almost any issue you put out to them. Good Luck to you and please write back to this board and let us know how you are doing.

Ms. Mike Enson

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"On 1-8-05 I committed suicide"

"Mentally disabled"

"My current spouse didn't do anything but has a record"


I think your honesty is commendable, but it's going to present a big challenge for any attorney.  Have realistic expectations.  

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praying for you

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